of Zenz Organic Products

The founder of Zenz Organic Products is the Danish eco-conscious hairdresser Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen. She started the first green hair salon in Denmark back in 1999. Today, Zenz Organic Hairdressing has grown into a chain of six sustainable green hair salons in Copenhagen area, the capital of Denmark.

Already during her apprenticeship as a hairdresser, Anne-Sophie developed allergies towards traditional chemical hair products. In order to continue in the hairdressing business while helping others with the same problem, she began to develop healthier hair products. In 2010, she launched the ecolabelled and professional haircare range Zenz Organic Hair. Several product lines as organic oils, botanical henna hair colour and mineral make-up, have since been added to the Zenz Organic Products portfolio.

With a growing demand for eco-friendly and healthier cosmetic products, Anne-Sophie wants to give conscious consumers and hairdressers a healthier alternative to the many harmful hair products available on the market today. She has also won several prizes for both her products and hairdressing talent. She has been elected Hairdresser of the Year at the Danish Beauty Award 2015 and Green Hairdresser 2014 and Green Producer 2014 at the Scandinavian Green Cosmetics Award.


  • 2005 Copenhagen Environmental Prize
  • 2006 International Silver Award Winner: Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge
  • 2006 First hairdresser with diploma as green hairdresser
  • 2008 Danish Beauty Award’s Ethics Award for development of ZenzTherapy Products
  • 2009 Frederiksberg Municipality Climate Prize
  • 2009 2010 National Winner: Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge
  • 2010 Nominated among 3 to the title “Entrepreneur of the Year 2010”
  • 2010 Danish Beauty Award winner ‘Danish Product of Year’ for Styling Paste no. 06
  • 2011 Danish Beauty Award nomination ‘Salon of the Year’ for Zenz Grønnegade
  • 2014 Green Hairdresser 2014, Scandinavian Green Cosmetics Awards
  • 2014 Green Producer 2014, Scandinavian Green Cosmetics Awards
  • 2016 AllergyAward Nomination 'Best skin-friendly product chosen by consumers' for Shampoo Pure no.01
  • 2016 Danish Beauty Award nomination 'Year Care & Protect Price' for Treatment Pure no. 03
  • 2016 AllergyAward Winner 'Best skin-friendly product for men' for Styling Paste no. 06


  • Strict environmental requirements - in all relevant phases of the product life cycle
  • Stringent requirements for chemicals - to benefit the environment and your health
  • Tightening of requirements - to create sustainable development
  • Certification and control - so you can feel safe

    The Swan label is Denmark’s official ecolabel. It was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1989 and is used in all Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Ecolabelling affects both consumption and production in a more eco-friendly way and the goal is to reduce the overall environmental impact so we get cleaner environment and greater health - for the benefit of people, the environment and the earth’s resources.

    Cosmetic products are in direct contact with the skin and hair and therefore the content of substances which can cause allergies or other harmful effects, is either prohibited or restricted to a minimum. Thus, there must - except from a very limited content of perfume - not be added allergens in Swan labelled cosmetic products. Products for babies and children must, however, be completely free of perfumes. Substances found on the EU’s list of possible endocrine disruptors, including parabens, must not be included. In addition to requirements for environment and health are also requirements which reduce the consumption of packaging and ensure product quality.



    AllergyCertified is an international allergy label that strives to offer skin friendly products to consumers. You will never find perfume or allergenic preservatives such as MI (methylisothiazolinone) in AllergyCertified products.





    Swan ecolabelled haircare range of allergy friendly products. Based on natural and certified organic ingredients of high quality, such as organic cold-pressed avocado oil and organic purified aloe vera. Wide selection of both unscented and scented products. The products do not contain SLS, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens or other potentially harmful substances. A professional ecolabelled haircare range that cares about your health and environment.


    PURE products are also AllergyCertified. Without synthetic or essential perfume and therefore ideal for the whole family, pregnant women, children and scent-senstitive people. Suitable for delicate hair and sensitive scalp.


    Moisurises the hair intensively and restores the natural balance of hair and scalp. Provides extra volume and leaves hair fuller and shinier. Fresh scent of mandarin.


    Stimulates hair follicles, strengthens hair growth and gently cleanses the scalp. Suitable for stress-related hair loss and thinning hair and for sensitive scalp with dandruff, eczema and itching. Warm scent of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli and myrrh.


    Provides extra strength and vitality to fine and tired hair. Stimulates blood circulation and provides renewed energy to the hair follicles. Antiseptic and degreasing effect while adding moisture. Suitable for hair that feels heavy or tends to be oily. Mild scent of eucalyptus.

      PURE products also AllergyCertified. They are without synthetic or essential perfume and therefore suitable for pregnant women, children and scent-sensitive people.


      With regenerative properties and a restructuring ability which keep the skin and hair moisturized and soft. High level of essential fatty acids and soap substances. Prevents hair and skin from drying out and makes it stronger and more supple.


      Contains regenerative and active substances as vitamin A, B, C and E as well as many minerals. There are more than 160 active substances in aloe vera, which protects, moisturises and nourishes hair and skin.


      All essential oils are cold-pressed and organic.